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International Music & Folk dance Festival SUNNY BEACH

Application Form Price: 169 € Date: 18 - 23 July, 2024
Location: NESSEBAR,SUNNY BEACH, Bulgaria
Director: V.M.S.&WOFA
Application Deadline: 15 July, 2024
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

  I N V I T A T I O N

 WE invite you to take part in the International Music & Folk dance Festival "Sunny Beach " which takes place in the most famous Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea - Sunny Beach, near the town of Nesebar.

Children, youth, performers, veterans or mixed folk ensembles, dance groups, majorettes, groups of singers, choirs and orchestras can perform at the festival.

As part of the festival "Sunny Beach" will be held festival "Chornomors'ke beads" in place Sveti Vlas where you will also perform one festival night.

Festival is a review character and on him participate ensembles from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Polish, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia...

The festival is held for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and you can perform all three times or by agreement, but is required appearance on the final night of the festival, on Sunday. For the performance at the festival it's necessary to prepare a minimum one choreography that you can run it on each evening of the festival, whether it is desirable for each night of the festival to prepare a different choreography.

Musical accompaniment is desired but not required, you can perform to the accompaniment of a USB.

On the final night of the festival beside parade will be selected the best male and female folk costume, Miss and Mister of the festival as well as the best dancing festival par.

Festival "Sunny Beach" is held in the center of the resort Sunny Beach on the assembly stage dimensions 10x6 meters with high-quality sound system and lighting, and festival "Chornomors'ke beads" is held in the center of the resort Sveti Vlas on the terrace in front of the municipal building and in front of the Cultural Center in Nessebar.

Take with you a board wand ith the name of your group as well as the national flag.

Festival Dates:

5 nights and  7 nights from

25 ,6 or 7 nights










08.08. -13/14/15.08.


Accommodation and food:

Hotel “Sea Grace”-Sunny beach

The hotel is located at the exit of the Sunny Beach towards  The beach is about 2500 meters away. In this hotel there is the possibility of accommodating one or two groups with up to 50 participants. The hotel has its own swimming pool with deckchairs. The hotel is located in a spacious three-bed, four- Five bedrooms.Double rooms are provided by group managers, drivers, and as needed, with prior arrangement. All rooms have a refrigerator, cable TV, terrace, air conditioning and a bathroom. is at your own restaurant, three meals a day, self-service, buffet breakfast, each meal with three types of dishes, multiple salads, soup or stew for lunch, dessert, fruit. Hotel available for all dates.

Each has a bathroom, air conditioning, TV with cable and fridge. The food is in its own restaurant, the menu is identical to the previous hotel. The hotel is available for June and August ..

In case of full capacity in the hotel than accommodation will be organized in another hotel that meets the same or better conditions than offered In the event that the capacity of the Sea Grace hotel is full, the ensemble will be organized in the hotels Camelot and

Prestige city in Sunny beach. These hotels have the same characteristics as Sea Grace,

they are of the apartment type, the same owner of all three hotels, they all have swimming pools and everything the rest as..




If your group uses air travel to Burgas airport, you will be provided with airport to hotel transportation and vice versa, as well as transportation during the festival and this is included in the price of the arrangement.

In all the offered price includes:

-accommodation and meals in selected hotel

-on the fivteen  passengers who pay package one passenger gets free

-presence of the tour organizer

-diplomas and souvenirs of the festival

Terms of payment:

If you are interested please contact us and you will receive the application - the application for the festival. After completing the application, send it to the organizer and you will receive the accounting from the hotel and enforce the advance payment in the amount . The remaining amount of the package will be paid on the spot, with cash.



NEWS ABOUT THE FESTIVAL                                   Published on 22 July 2019


The 9-th edition of "SUNNY BEACH  FEST" was held from 16 to 22 July in Nessebar. Groups from Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia,Poland and Romania with more than 400 performers took part in the event, informed us the director of the festival .

"By tradition, the festival was opened with opening speech of the major . after the performances each group received certificate and present from the organization committee. During the day, the groups had the opportunity to enjoy swimming on the warm black sea and some of the groups had excursions. At the final, for all participants there was a disco party with many dances and songs until midnight." says organizer. 


Reviews from the groups: 

This festival has review of 5 groups and average estimation is VERY GOOD - 8,7/10
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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