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XI International Music & Dance festival AMASRA FESTIVAL DAYS

Application Form Price: 98 € Date: 26 - 30 July, 2024
Location: AMASRA - BARTIN, Turkey
Director: O.B.F.O. & WOFA
Application Deadline: 15 June, 2024
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


With pleasure we INVITE you (folk groups, Choral groups and orchestras majorette teams), (children, youth and adults groups) to participate on XI International  Music & Folk - Dance festival “AMASRA FEST ” 26 - 30 July, Amasra -Bartin, TURKEY 

    Festival light motive is to present the cultural tradition of different countries and to provide an opportunity for the members of groups to get together, to establish friendships and culture presentation trough dance and music in Bartin.

AMASRA (BARTIN PROVINCE) - is called "The apple of the eye of the world", a place where you can swim everywhere.

The historic progress of Bartin continues with the dominance of Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire and later with the dominance of Turkish Seljuks and Candarogullari State between 11th - 13th centuries AD. Bartin was conquered by the Ottoman sultan Yildirim Bayazit in 1392.

The wooden houses of Bartin display the architectural characteristics of the art movements after the Tanzimat Fermani (Reforms Decree). Temperate Black Sea naval climate is experienced in Bartin. Summer seasons are hot while winter seasons are chilly, and lots of rain of course which gives all of its green vegetation of the region. The Bartin River passing through the city gives way to boat trips in the city to catch a glimpse of perfect landscape.

This lovely city hosts strawberry festivals in spring. The city also has beaches of good quality. Inkum, a lovely setting with a holiday village and other facilities, has sandy beaches. Çarkaz, is a fishing village which has an excellent beach while at Kurucasile fishing boats are built. Amasra was founded in 6th century BC and its ancient name was Sesamos. It is one of the highest spots on the Black Sea Coast which displays unimaginable, fascinating beauties while traveling through. The city is located on a peninsula and the eastern side is especially good for swimming. The archaeological museum and Çekiciler Street are of interest, too. As a souvenir you may purchase hand-carved, wooden articles.

There are numerous ancient city ruins inside the borders of historic Paphlagonia region. Ancient cities of Sesamos (Amasra), Kromna (Kurucasile) and Erythinoi (Cakraz) are located inside the borders of Bartin.

The castle, two churches, bedesten, Kuskayasi Road Monument (Unique in the world) and inziva (seclusion) cave inside the city center are among the visual parts of the ancient city. The sections of the ancient city like forum, council palace, road of honor, theatre, acropolis, necropolis are below ground.

Kurucasile was also one of the locations which had the best viewing place for the last total solar eclipse of the 20th century which happened on 11th August 1999.

Festival program will be held on the sea promenada in BARTIN -AMASRA. 

 General rules :

-       is a non-competitive sample of traditional and modern dances, brass bands, orchestras, modern dance groups, choral groups and majorette teams.

-   Every Folklore,Choral group, majorette Team has the right to participate. Children's ensembles   Youth ensembles and adult ensembles 

-         On the festival may participate children,youth and adults folklore dance groups, modern dance groups, vocal groups, instrumental groups and soloists, as well as groups and performers from other art styles.

-         The number of participants are limited (only 3  groups from each country),

-         Each group should consist of most 70 members including dancers, managers , musicians and family numbers,

-         Ensemble should have prepared at least 2 folk dances, 10-15 minutes each with orchestra or USB. For choral groups should prepare free program about 15 minutes The performances will be in the evening hours so you can plan the day ahead and use it for visiting the historical part of the city and  excursions.

-         To send us short CV and photos of the group,

-         To take a flag of the country,

-   Groups should have there own transport for arrival and departure,



 Day 1

  13.00.Arrival in Amasra-Bartin,  hotel accommodation and  free time (beach time)

18.00 – 19.00 Dinner (buffet) in hotel

        21.00 Welcome reception with leaders of the groups

Day 2

 09.00 -10.00 Breakfast - buffet

 11.00 -15.00 Visit – sightseeing Bartin and visit municipality (welcome reception by the major of the city

      18.00 - 19.00 Dinner – buffet in hotel

19.30 – 23.00 Defile on the main street to the square where it will be held the Opening of the First Festival Evening, where the participants will present their culture ,tradition ,songs and dances of their country and Festival evening on the  square - each participant group to prepare programme   in time of 12-15 minutes  

     Day 3

09.00 -10.00 Breakfast - buffet

  10.30 – 15.00 Beach time or excursions

18.00 – 20.00  Dinner - buffet in hotel

20.00 Second festival evening, certificates, presents changing, party

 Day 4

09.00 -10.00 Breakfast - buffet

  10.30 – 15.00 Beach time or Boat trip ( foam party on the boat, dancing boat)

18.00 – 20.00  Dinner - buffet in hotel

21.00 Disco party with all participants

Day 5   

 09.00 -10.00 Breakfast - buffet

11.00 Departure of the participants


Participation fee:

- 98 euro for 3 HB per person (3 nights with 2 meals) in 3* Hotel Pansiyon in the city

- 119 euro for 4 HB per person (4 nights with 2 meals) in 3* Hotel Pansiyon in the city


Festival organizers provide:

-         for 22 dancers – one gratis,

-         souvenir and gift for each group,

-         Certificate for attendance,

-         Welcome reception,

-   drinks during performance

-         free parking

- -        advertising of the festival (press release, news letters, posters)


Personal responsibility and health insurance are within the other obligations of the groups. First Aid and Medical Hospital will be available, medical services must be covered by the group.
On your request,  You can continue your stay in Bartin. Price will be 26 Euro per day per person HB  – price is special for the participants in festivals that we can provide.

 After Groups arrived in Hotel will be given detailed program of the festival and each group will have guide during festival.

    After the festival finish organizers will send you link of the photos and videos from the festival program for each group and photos..

   The festival will organize the transport for the groups coming by plane by picking them  from airport. 

Number of seats is limited on 300!!



Reviews from the groups: 

This festival has review of 9 groups and average estimation is VERY GOOD - 8,8/10
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

"We build bridges from nation to nation"