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Application Form Price: 30 € Date: 6 - 8 June, 2025
Location: KAUNAS, Lithuania
Director: L.V.& WOFA
Application Deadline: 15 June, 2024
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


With pleasure we INVITE you (Folk ensembles,  Ballroom dance teams, art schools, Music theatre, modern dance teams, orchestras and majorette teams), (children and youth  groups) to participate on XXXV International Folklore Festival Atataria lamzdžiai from 06 - 08 June 


1. Regulations of XXXV International Folklore Festival Atataria lamzdžiai - 2023 have been written to ESTABLISH the Purpose and Objectives of the festival, Requirements for Participants and programs, participation and registration details, Organizers and Coordinators of the festival.
2. The organizer of the festival is Kaunas City Municipality and Kaunas National Culture Center.
3. XXXV International Folklore Festival Atataria lamzdžiai - 2023 is a traditional folk festival for amateurs not for professionals in Lithuania, Which is held annually in May in Kaunas since 1984. The 2022 festival will held without XXXV for the time, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Lithuania (When The Constituent Parliament finally Approved Lithuania as a Democratic Republic).



4. The purpose of the Festival is to Promote the development of ethnic culture, Which užtikrinti the Strengthening and preservation of national identity and self-awareness. To activate the activity of Lithuanian folk ENSEMBLES in order to Improve the artistic level of folk groups and individual performers, to form the internal need of people to PARTICIPATE in creative artistic activities. Incorporating modernized forms of expression into the folklore festival programs in order to Develop positive attitudes towards youth traditional Lithuanian and foreign folk music.
5. Objectives of XXXV International Folklore Festival "Atataria lamzdžiai - 2023 :

5.1. To organize cultural events for children, youth and adults in order to form historical memory, nurture patriotic feelings, national self-awareness, reflected in folk singer folk tales and modern contemporary folk songs.
2.5. To Organize the activities Representing the national art in order to introduce the public to the decorative art created by folk artists.
3.5. To organize the activities of the creative laboratory, Which will include access to traditional singing, contractual singing, playing the string, brass, bells and other musical instruments.
5.4. To foster the dissemination of Lithuanian ethnic culture in the world, based on the MEANS of mass media, and to Promote the knowledge of the culture of other peoples of the world.

6. XXXV International Folklore Festival Atataria lamzdžiai - 2020, dedicated to the Centennial of the restored Lithuania, Kaunas takes place in the National Culture Center (A.Jakšto str. 18, Kaunas, Lithuania) and other open and closed places on the 5th - 7th of June in 2023.


7. The folklore groups That would prefer to take the participation in the festival shouldnt to register, 

7.1. a photo of the group (or several photos, a minimum size of 3000 × 2000 pixels or 1MB)

7.3. video or audio recording of the group's program.

8. The entry form Should be sent to organizers till the 1st of March 2024.

9. After getting the information mentioned in the folklore of the group, the group's organizer confirm participation in the festival by sending e-mail with official invitation.

    V. requirment FOR PARTICIPANTS

10. A Posting group Should be maximum of 30 performers (incl. Leaders, drivers, Accompanying persons) except other Treaty.

11. Tourists (members who have nothing to do with the performances of the group) are not accepted.

May 12. Groups arrive a day before the festival and leave next day after the festival except the change of Circumstances beyond the organizer's control and Participants, Such as airplane flight timetables, etc.

13. The accommodation and board are concerts near the places (the distance is no longer than 3 km).


14. There is the 30 € Participant fee have been applied for the festival Participants. Festival fee applies per person / per day, Partly to cover expenses of accommodation, board, migration department fees (if needed) and other fees, transportation inside the country, cultural programs, Accompanying person.

15. The Costs of transport to Lithuania and back home, all (if needed), insurance expenses are covered by the Participants.

16. Participants from abroad: may be EXEMPTED from participation fees if the Participants Decide on Their own meals, accommodation, transport inside the country, etc. Questions or They arrive at the Implementation of cooperation agreement betwee Folklore Ensemble ".

17. The 30 percent of the festival fee Must Be Transferred before the 1st of April 2020 to the organizers account:

17.4. The purpose of payment: The fee for Festival "group's name, country.

18. The last 70 percent of the festival fee Must Be Transferred before the 15th of April

19. Festival organizers retain the right to change Participant fees, due to the change of Circumstances beyond the organizer's control.

20. If the group does not arrive, the festival fee will not be returned. It Can Be Used to Cover The Loss of the Participant's absence, for the festival program realization or other institution activities.

     VII. Requirment FOR PROGRAMS

21. The program consists of the authentic and modern folklorico musical vocal and / or instrumental, Choreographic folklore.

22. The groups shouldnt filling of a concert program on stage (10-20 minutes), a concert in the streets and squares program (30-40 minutes).

23. The groups with an instrumental and dance group Should the filling of a dance program for demonstration and training dance for the evening (for 20 -30 minutes).

24. The group Should Perform only with "live music" (recommended).

25. Groups have a chance to have Their own concert if there is an advance deal with organizer.

26. The Festival will take place in Kaunas city: concert halls, town squares and other areas opened or closed.

27. Not all performances will be in the places with electricity available on the stage (no amplifiers and microphones).

30. The group accepts These conditions of the festival by Posting the festival.
31. The Participants of the festival will no photographed and filmed. Photos and films are concidered to be the property of Kaunas National Culture Center and Can Be Used For Promotional Purposes without the Consent of Participants.
32. Processing of personal date:
32.1. By attending the festival, Participants agree to the processing of Their personal data (name, telephone number and email address). The information: may be Publicly available on the Internet, in the press, on television, on radio stations and other public information media, and the statistical date Shall Be Submitted to the Kaunas City Municipality and the Lithuanian Culture Council (after receiving funding).
32.2. The Festival Participant has the right to: request access to his / her Personal data processed, correct, Incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate personal date, demand to delete his / her personal date, to restrict his / her personal data processing in cases provided by legal acts.


Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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