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Application Form Price: 160 € Date: 5 - 8 May, 2025
Location: TURKU, Finland
Director: Mykrina & WOFA
Application Deadline: 15 July, 2024
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.



• Promoting diversity of artistic creativity, support and promotion.

• Establishment and strengthening of close friendship and creative relationship between teams and individual performers from different cities and countries.

• Formation and training of artistic taste, the positive attitudes and interests of the younger generation.

• Familiarization with the cultural traditions of the countries - participants of the competition.

• The creative exchange of experience among the leaders of groups and individual artists.

• Coordination of the participants of the competition at other festivals and competitions.


Creative teams and soloists can take part in the festival in the following categories:

• Soloists-vocalists: pop, classic, folk and jazz vocals, as well as the bard song

• Choral, vocal, vocal and instrumental, folk bands

• Show groups

• Dance and dance ensembles and soloists: classical, folk, pop, contemporary (jazz, modern, neoclassical), sports (hip-hop, disco, techno, street, electric boogie, break dancing, pop locking) and ballroom dance

• Artists on musical instruments (soloists and groups):

classical, folk, jazz and pop music

• Theatre Works (miniature puppet theatre, theatre of modes, drama, street theatre, musical)

• Circus works of various genres (free plastics, clowning, pantomime)

• Exhibition (visual arts, applied arts, art photos).

Participants in the festival are divided into the following age groups:

•Vocals (soloists):

• of age under 7 years • 8 to 9 years • 10 to 11 years • 12 to 13 years • 14 to 15 years • 16 to 20 years • adult group older than 20 years

•Vocals (show group, choral, vocal, vocal and instrumental, folk and folk groups):

 • of age under 8 years • 9 to 15 years • 16 to 20 years • older than 20 years • family and mixed ensembles


• of age under 10 years • 11 to 15 years • 16 to 20 years • older than 20 years • mixed group

•Artists on musical instruments:

• of age under 10 years • 11 to 14 years • 15 to 20 years • older than 20 years • family and mixed ensembles

•Exhibition (painting arts, applied and decorative arts, art photo):

• of age under11 years • 12 to 16 years • 17 to 25 years • over 25 years

•Other nominations are without any age restrictions. Ensembles are separated by a duet, trio, quartet and ensemble.


• Soloists (vocal) and vocal ensembles performing on 1 song in any language. Timing of the repertoire isn’t more than 3 minutes. Participants perform in other categories for 1 performance not more than 3,5 minutes.

• Rehearsals and performances are held strictly in accordance with the schedule provided by the organizer of the festival competition. Each participant is given the acoustic and technical rehearsal of not more than 2 minutes for soloists and 2,5 minutes for the group (depending on group size and category performance, as well as technical reasons). Claims sounding music during the competition will not be accepted.

• Competitive program of the festival participants (singers) the phonogram is permitted (-).

• All performers program, as well as the song that dance show and other performances of the songs sent in Mp3 format by email in connection with the registration, at least 1.04. Mp3 must save in the following sequence in English: participant's name and surname, the name of the song

For example:

Anne Lahtinen-Bird

•Back- vocals are allowed fragments without a major party.

Participants who violate the rules will not be allowed to take part in the competition. Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse the participation of groups that have bad quality sound track, or recorded on obsolete media. Artists may make accompanying.

• Changes in the program, presented to the competition in the application are not allowed!

• The organizers reserve the right to make the union of genres within the nominations based on applications received and in consultation with the jury.

• To promote national cultures welcome the inclusion in the festival program number, is folk or national traditions (songs, dances, etc.), as well as the presence of national symbols (flags, costumes, etc.) at the opening ceremony and closing ceremonies.

• In addition to competitive programs of groups and performers must take part in activities in the program of the festival (opening / closing ceremonies).

• Selection of performances at the Gala-concert among the winners and participants by the organizers and the jury. The program is final and non-negotiable.

• Exhibition (art, painting, art, photography, crafts) - category, the participants submitted a maximum of 3 work. The subject and technique are free. The work is placed in the frame, the right angle should be a note on which is written the name of artist, city, country, age and job name and the year when the work was done. The work will be returned.

5. JURY:

• The Organizing Committee of the International Competition and Festival of Arts Bravo, Turku is formed by competent international judges. At the end of the competition, festival participants and teachers have the opportunity to exchange views and discuss the competitive performances with the jury members at the meeting of the Roundtable.

• Criteria for assessment of performances and work parties:

Performance of the participants assessed the jury to 10 point scale.

• Category - vocals: matching repertoire age and capabilities of the performer, a sense of rhythm, the ability to use a microphone, culture and stage movement, purity of intonation and sound quality, beautiful tone and strength of voice, ensemble system, the original repertoire.

• Category - choreography: the skill and technique of the movements, Reputational structure numbers corresponding to the age peculiarities of the repertoire of performers, theatrical (plastic, costume, props, culture, design), selection and match musical and choreographic material, artistry, disclosure of the artistic image.

• Category - instrumental music: the skill and technique, sound quality instrument, musicality, repertoire selection and compliance with the age peculiarities of artists, artistry.

• Category - theaters, fashion (no age categories): stage movement, choice of repertoire in accordance with the age, theatrical (plastic, costume, culture of performance) skills, music, originality, costumes and performance.

• Category - circus art: originality, the skill and technique, artistic quality of the incarnation, theatrical, musical accompaniment.

• Category - exhibition: skill and technique of performance, innovation and originality, knowledge of material, creative individuality and skill of the author, artistic taste, aesthetic appearance of the product (product design).

• Requirements for registration of works in the category


• Painting Arts: Professional and amateur artists are allowed to competition. Age of participants is unlimited. To compete with works made in any technique suitable for the demonstration. Each party represents no more than 3 works. Format is free.

 Registration papers must conform to the exhibition option.

Paintings and drawings are drawn in a tough mat of white or light colors. Works are accepted in registration form, for the figures needed mat and label in the lower right corner. The label or sign must contain: title, name and age of the author, the city (region, territory), the name of an educational institution, name of the teacher. To be filled in Russian + translation of "surname, first name" in Latin letters or in English. Works are returned.

• Applied and Decorative Arts: Participants represent masks, dolls, items carved wood etc. The age of competition is not limited. The format is arbitrary - at least not more than A3 and A2. Batik and embroidery are exepted only in the stretcher. All of the decorative - applied art should be clearly signed on the reverse. The label is filled in block letters 16 letters in Russian and Latin letters or in English. The information at all works (on the reverse side) must be strictly written in the following order: name and age of the participant and the name of work; nomination, organization and creative team representing the party, indicating the country and locality (if any) name, surname and patronymic of the head of the creative team (mug, , etc.) or teacher (if any) contact details phone number and address. Works are returned.

• Photo: The competition invites photographers - professionals and amateurs. The label is filled in block letters, 16 letters in Russian or Latin letters. The information at all works (on the reverse side) must be strictly written in the following order: name and age of the participant and the name of work nomination, organization and creative team, representing the party, indicating the country and locality (if any) name, surname and patronymic of the head of the creative team (mug, studio, etc.) or teacher (if any) contact details phone number and address. Works are returned.

• The festival will organize master - classes of artists and photographers. During the seminars, professional artists and photographers will be examined various aspects of painting and photography. Visitors to the seminars will be devoted to the intricacies of writing and shooting landscapes and portraits,

the skills of working with black - and white and color photography in close contact with these masters, who have been working long in photography.



• Audience Award

• Winners of I, II, III degree

• Winners of IV, V, VI degree

• Winners of I, II, III degree receive diplomas and cups,

winners of IV, V, VI degree receive diplomas and medals, all the other participants - the diplomas.

• Special prizes and prizes from the sponsors will be awarded at the festival.

• Special diplomas: Diplomas for Professionalism, Diploma of the youngest participant, Diplomas for the Originality of the Performance, Diploma for the preservation of national traditions, Diplomas for Creative Individuality in the category

"Exhibitions" will be given at the festival.

• Managers are awarded with the diplomas.

• The jury's decision is final and is not subject to revision.

• Guests and VIP-guests, artists, representatives of public organizations, mass media in Finland and other countries are invited to the ceremony.


• The organizers pay special attention to the need for familiarization with the current situation.

• Each party guest arrives at the festival in the terms specified in the official invitation.

• The whole participant’s delegation, including attendants, must also be specified in the application. Participants of the festival, accompanying and managers, indicated in the application of both standard program and economy program reside strictly in the hotels that are booked by the organizers of the


• Standard program: the payment of managers and the accompanying is made in the amount of 230 € (The cost for 3 days includes: participation, accommodation in a 3-4-bed rooms in a hotel in the city center with breakfast and dinner).

• Soloists make a payment of 300 € (The cost for 3 days includes: accommodation in a 3-4-bed rooms in a hotel in the city center with breakfast and dinner and participation in the festival).

• Participants in the other categories (including a nomination as "Exhibition") make a payment in the amount of 290 € (The cost for 3 days includes: participation, accommodation in a 3-4-bed rooms in a hotel in the city center with breakfast and dinner included and participation in the festival).

Optionally, you can stay by two persons for an additional charge of 75 € per person,1 person rooms for an additional charge of 115 €.

• Discount program: the payment of managers and the accompanying is made in the amount of 190 € (The cost for 3 days includes: participation, accommodation in a 4-bed rooms in a hotel in the city center, no meals).

• Soloists make a payment of 250 € (The cost for 3 days includes: participation, accommodation in a 4-bed rooms in a hotel in the city center, no meals).

• Participants in the other categories (including a nomination as "Exhibition") make a payment in the amount of 240 € (The cost for 3 days includes: participation, accommodation in a 4-bed rooms in a hotel in the city center, no meals).

Optionally, you can stay by two persons for an additional charge of 75 € per person (no meals).

• Participant is able to take part in several categories with the condition of making a separate application form for each nomination show in each statement the genre, a full-fledged


• Discount program 2: (arrival 8.05 at 15.00, departure 11.05 before 12.00, for groups of at least 15 people) 

Managers and accompanying is made in the amount of 160 € (the price includes: accommodation in 4-6 bed rooms in the hostel. No meals). Soloists make a payment of 190 € (the price includes: participation in the competition, accommodation in 4-6 bed rooms in the hostel. No meals). Participants of other categories (including the nomination “Exhibition”) make a payment of 180 €.

(The program price includes: participation in the competition, accommodation in 4-6 bed rooms in the hostel. No meals).

Competitive performance and payment for additional nominations.

Groups or soloists participating in the festival in several categories pay an additional fee of 50 € - for a soloist, 35 € - duets and trios (per person) and 20 € - for ensembles (per person). Soloing is considered the main nomination!

• Registration of the application is 30 €. In case of cancellation, this amount is not refundable.

• Participation fee: 100 € soloist, 140€ duo, 160€ trio, 170€ quartet, 190 € quintet and 40€ per person for groups more than 5 persons.

• Transportation and other costs of participants and leaders, as well as the accompanying must be paid by the sending parties or the participants themselves.

• Visa and insurance must be paid by the sending parties or the participants themselves.

• Excursions are extra charged.

• Participation in the category "Exhibition" is possible without the participant himself, if a representative will be sent to the festival. One representative may

bring works no more than 3 participants` works. Remote participation involves payment of 60 € per participant


• Deadline: March 15th. Upon receipt of the application and copy of payment for the registration party applications will be sent an official invitation to the festival and the number of current account (payment is possible through a bank account or on arrival at the festival). APPLICATIONS will be sent by e-mail.

The application indicates the need for resettlement with the exact number of seats and sex. Information on the number of participants contained in the application is treated as final. A copy of the payment order for the registration application is also sent.

• Deadline for submission of documents to the Consular Office of Finland is until April 5. The presence of foreign passports at the time of application and payment for registration application is a necessary condition of participation in the competition.

• To participate in the competition is necessary to prepare and submit electronically the following documents:

1. Application of the approved form (name, as in the passport or the name of the team for the diploma).

2. Copy of payment for the registration application.

3. 1 photo and short resume (6-7 sentences) in English for booklet

4. Phonogram for performance in Mp3


• The Organizing Committee is the exclusive carrier of property rights to broadcast the concert and competition plays on radio and television, as well as the ownership and distribution of printed competitive products, audio and video recordings of the participants of the competition, lectures, seminars and master classes.

• All disputes are submitted to the jury, the organizing committee and management. Their decision is final and not subject to revision.

• Matters not stipulated by the Regulation, the organizers decide.

• Application means consent with a regulation and is a contract between organizers and participants of the festival, despite the country of residence. Participation in a festival is confirmed by the invitation sent by the organizer on the basis of the application, lists of the participants and documents confirming the payment for the application registration.

• Participation in the festival is confirmed by the invitation sent by the organizer on the basis of received applications, lists of participants and documents confirming payment of the registration application.

• Refusal from a participation in a festival later than a month before the festival isn't possible, and money isn't given back in this case! Force majeure is only a doctor's certificate given to a person not to a group.

• Teams must have at least one attendant for 7 people. The head is not an attendant!

• Head of the team is responsible for the lives and health of children.

• Organizers are not responsible for the facilities associated with risk (circus). Participants are responsible for compliance with safety regulations.

• Organizing Committee has the right to make changes in the Regulation of the festival no later than one week before the festival, informing the registered participants.


1. According the standard program the festival participants live in a 3-4-bed rooms and in 4-bed rooms according the discount program in the hotel, which is located in the heart of Turku.

Optionally, you can stay by two persons for an additional charge of 75€ (standart) 45€ (economy) per person.


Transfer (railway station, hotel, train station) is guaranteed if the date, time, place, train and car, flight number are communicated to the organizers 30 days before the start of the competition.

Meeting participants at railway stations and airport, the city of Turku at an additional charge: meeting and accompanying 30 € per person.

Meeting participants at the stations and the airport in Helsinki, a special bus (maximum 49 people) costs 650 €( information will be sent 30 days before the start of the competition).

Please include all the wishes in details and in advance in the application.

Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

"We build bridges from nation to nation"