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XI International Music and Dance Festival ALBANICO

Application Form Price: 185 € Date: 1 - 4 April, 2024
Location: SOFIA, Bulgaria
Director: R.Y.B. & WOFA
Application Deadline: 1 October, 2023
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.



At the initiative of SMA "Artvoices" Sofia, under the auspices of the Department of Education of the Embassy of Spain in Sofia and the mayor of Sofia on 1 - 4 Apri in Sofia will be held IXth International Festival for music and dance "Abanico "


1. The festival is  with competitive purpose.

2. The main idea is to show all art as a powerful opportunity for communication and connections between people from all of the world

3. To build international contacts between European countries and all of the world.

Conditions of participation in the festival

Festival will take place in a beautiful capital of Bulgaria Sofia 3-d till 5th of April 2020, where singers and dancers, musicians – pianists, guitarists, violinist and ext. from European countries will participate in.

The contest will be by order from April 3d , for all age categories.

The Award Ceremony will be in Sofia at the afternoon of Sunday, April 5th.

The duration of the song and dance must be not more 4 minutes.

All the songs are performed with backing tracks/instrumentals/.Possible to use

live instruments

The sound engineer and the organizers of the festival would not be held responsible for any problems with backing tracks.

All contestants will be given time to rehearse on stage. The rehearsal time allocated to each contestant will be only 1 minute.

The main directions of the contest:

Every participant will perform a song by their choice, but one by Spanish language, or in any romance language as French , portugués , Italian or romanian. Other languages could be accepted too for the second song.

For guitarists, pianists, violinists and other musicians and dancers is obligatory to play/dance music from Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese or brazilian authors or with Spanish character and motives program until 8 minutes

5 different age categories:

First Category - under 9

Second Category - 9 years to 12

Third Category- 13 years to15 years

Fourth Category- 16 to18 years

Fifth Category - over 19 years - no limit/The age of the contestant on March 31th, 2020 the day of the festival determines the age category of the competition. /

8 contests

The best performance of Spanish music ,song and dance

The best preformance of French song

The best performance of Italian song

The best performance of Romanian song

The best performance of Portugalian song

The best performance of Classic

The best performance of Jazz

The best performance of Folklore

I. Musicians - guitar, piano, violin, flute, cello, woodwinds, brass and more.

II. Choirs, Vocal groups and soloists

III. Dance ensembles and soloists - classic, modern ballet, Latin dance, folklore, acrobatic rock'n'roll /obligatory to dance by music with Spanish character or motives – for examp. Spanish dance by Tchaikovsky /

Festival jury

1.The organizational committee of the competition chooses the members of the international jury.

2. The jury rates the performances of the competition by voting secretly on a scale of 50 to 100.

3.The winner of the Grand Prix Abanico take a part of the jury or in the concerts in the next competition next year like guest .

4. Judges will not be allowed to judge contestants from their country

Awards Grand Prix “ Abanico ” and Grand Prix “ Abanico “ Junior – one in the

contest /singers and dancers, musicians/

Grand Prix “ Abanico the best performance of Spanish song and dance

Grand Prix “ Abanico the best preformance of French song and dance

Grand Prix “ Abanico the best performance of Italian song and dance

Grand Prix “ Abanico the best performance of Romanian song and dance

Grand Prix “ Abanico the best performance of Portugalian song and dance

Grand Prix “ Abanico the best performance of Classic song and dance

Grand Prix “ Abanico the best performance of Jazz & Folklore song and Dance

All participants will receive certificates and medals of the participation.

Prizes and awards of the festival are: Originally designed trophies for the first,

second and third place in each category.

There will be first Diploma awards also.

1 hour free studio recording in High quality studio in Sofia

Invitations for the musical festivals in Barcelona , Spain and Bulgaria ./without

participation fee and free participation of accommodation/

Winners of the competition are awarded with corresponding certificates,

confirming the title.

Sponsors have the right to set up additional prizes and awards independently from the rewarding jury.

Participation package for accommodation

Partcipants and accompanying persons have a choice from festival packages by the hotels list of our partners, offered accommodations is obligatory.

Groups of 20 persons: One group leader free of charge!

Participation package included :

1. For 5 days/4 overnights accommodation 185 euro per person in double/triple room from the 3d of April – 6th of April in a spa hotel 4**** Dragalevtsi /free spa in the hotel/or 3***Hotel Rila /in the heart of the city/ HB - breakfast and dinner per day/drinks is not included except mineral water/one dinner is in a folklore restaurant with traditional menu, to feel more from our Bulgarian hospitality/

N.B.: for a single room additional payment 15 euro by day

Additional day /night – 40 euro by day /HB

2. Entrances to Gala Concert Party and Italian Party in Sofia

3. Excursion and sightseeing in Sofia and Rilla monastery/130 km from Sofia in the mountain/

4. Souvenirs and Gifts.

5. Transfers from the hotel to the stage

6. One free lesson of salsa or Bulgarian dance

7. Support our hostess during the festival

Additional payments

Participation fee :

Soloists each category – 50 euro,/for additional category – 20 euro/,

Duet or small ensembles/3-5 persons/ – 30 euro per person,

Vocal groups and dance groups /over 6 persons – 15 euro per person

Visa, Medical insurance, Transport charges/Parking

Transfer Sofia Airport – Sofia center / Sofia Airport.

We arrange a transfer with additional payment - From and to the airport – 15 euro Participants arriving separately should pay separately.

Excursion to Rila monastery per accompanying persons and for the participants is free 

The form should be filled out clearly and should contain the whole information.

To confirm your participation you should pay by bank 50% from all payment until 21 st of March 

The sent application form is a confirmation of the full agreement with the conditions of the Festival. Group leaders bear full responsibility for their collectives, costumes and personal belongins

Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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