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Application Form Price: 160 € Date: 25 - 1 September, 2022
Location: PRIMORSKO, Bulgaria
Director: WOFA
Application Deadline: 1 July, 2022
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


The festival is included in the cultural program of the town of Primorsko and is conducted with the courtesy of the municipality. In addition to creating a festive mood, our goal is: to attract young people to empathy for the preservation of customs, customs, customs, ancient traditions, cultural heritage that preserves our identity in the European family; give a chance to a significant number of children and young people and contribute to increasing their motivation to engage in constructive creative activity as a preventive measure in combating vicious addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.) and aggression; Exchange of creative information and development of achievements in given dance styles and musical strands.

Dates of arrival and departure:


  • from 25.08 to 01.09.2022


Collectives and individual performers without age restrictions may participate in some of the following nominations: Modern and Folk Choreography; Vocal; Instrumentalists; Costume Theater; Circular logs; Theater groups.


The participation in the festival requires accreditation of the participants, which takes place under the following conditions:

Obligatory filling in of an application form, indicating: the genre, the name, the selected program, the date of arrival; age group; the creative biography of the collective; video recording; color photo photos and promotional materials; exact address, telephone, fax, and e-mail for correspondence.

The accreditation is performed by an artistic council on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Compliance of the application with the terms of the Regulation;
  • Richness of creative biography;
  • Originality of costumes, dances, songs and orchestra;
  • Participating in other international events;
  • Participation in other events and festivals 

Participants approved by the Arts Board will be notified in writing, and within the time limit specified in the notice, they must pay a festival fee according to the financial terms and conditions for participation in the bank account.


The festival has a competitive character.
A contest is held when there are three or more nominees

/ soloists, teams /


Folklore  (authentic, processed and stylized).,

Age groups:


5-7 years


8-11 years


12-15 years


16-35 years 


over 35 years


  • There is no limit on the number of participants.
  • The program should include two dances. It is recommended that one of them is from the respective region of the collective and the other one - with a maximum duration of the two dances up to 15 minutes.

Contemporary/modern dance

Age groups:


5-7 years


8-11 years


12-15 years


16-35 years


over 35 yrs


Creative teams can participate in one of the following dance styles:

  • Street dance / break dance, funk styles, hip hop and more. /;
  • Disco dances;
  • Cheerleading compositions (dance, parade and sports styles);
  • Modern dance techniques;
  • Jazz performances;
  • Tap dance;
  • Characteristic dances;
  • Oriental dance;
  • Latino dances;
  • Dance shows / fire show, rubber, acrobatics, etc. /

It takes place in four competition categories: Solos performances; Duets; Chamber groups - up to 7 people; Formations - over 8 people.
The program must include two dances in each of the categories in which the team or soloist participates with a total duration of up to 10 minutes.
Note: The contest is not based on styles but is looking for the most attractive show performance.

(pop, folk / folklore, old urban, etc.).
The program of vocal groups and solo artists must include two songs, the first acapella, the second with a musical accompaniment with a total duration of up to 7 minutes.

Note: Use a simbek with a studio recording CD, a USB Flash Drive, or a portable hard drive. Playback performances are not allowed.

(folklore, symphonic, classic, pop, including jazz).
In the following competition categories: Solo / Ensemble (duet, trio, quartet, etc.) / Orchestra.
The contest program must include 2 compositions of total duration as follows:

  • Children's teams up to 12 years - no more 10 minutes;
  • Youth 13 to 22 years - not more than 12 minutes;
  • Adults - no more than 15 minutes.

Note: Excerpts are also allowed, representing an excerpt from works of a longer duration.


Assumes a composite-finished fragment with a duration of no more than 15 minutes.


Two performances totaling up to 10 minutes are allowed.


Collectives compete only with group choreographies. The racing part is held in two directions:

  • Parody / with bats / and Dance / with pumpkins or other equipment / cheerful dances. Each team participates with two dances in each age group and direction. It is not obligatory to participate in both directions.


1. Complexity of performance / level of complexity of performance /;
2. Quality of performance / performance technique /;
3. Vision / costumes, requisition, staging /;
4. Stage behavior / scene behavior, gesture, contact with the audience, broadcasting.

The composition of the jury, together with the chairman, is determined by the organizing committee of the festival.

It is formed by proven cultural and art specialists:

  • directors, balletmasters, choreographers, artists, singers and pedagogues.

The jury has the right:

  • not to award all prizes;
  • to divide the awards among the participants;
  • to award special prizes and incentives.

It is also possible to establish special prizes such as:

  • "For the most attractive performance";
  • "For Choreography";
  • "For the youngest performer";
  • "For masterfully executed";
  • "For mass performance" and etc.

The jury determines the winners, evaluating them on the tenth ball system, according to each of the above criteria. The minimum number of points is 4 and the maximum is 40. The overall performance of the team / soloist is assessed.


(pre-a-porte, evening outfits, children's fashion, stage costumes, folk / folk costumes, modern youth fashion).
Collectives present their collection in the form of a show consisting of one or several topics lasting up to 15 minutes. They are not divided into age groups.

Evaluation criteria:

  • costume design;
  • complete composition, originality of the director's solution;
  • style (costume, hairstyle, choreography, musical accompaniment);
  • original author's decision, completion of the collection;
  • artistry of performances;
  • quality and mastery;
  • the complexity of the artistic solution.

The program of each team should include the possibility of a solo concert and participation in concerts with a duration of 5 to 30 minutes.


The festival is held on the territory of Primorsko Municipality.
Concert appearances take place on open stages .
The program includes meetings with the municipal administration.
Before the start of the concerts, the teams defile on the main streets of the city.
Video and photo shootings of all public appearances of the teams are broadcasted on the WSE World Wide Web. (The organizers reserve the right to any kind of documenting, broadcasting, filming and distribution of the material without paying any rights or damages.)
Participants using original music are required to provide organizers with copyright statements with authors or with a collective body.
The program of the festival organizes: Disco, Neptun night, Miss and Mister, Flashmob and Master Classes.
The individual programs for participation in the festival are given to the teams on the day of their arrival.
The organizers reserve the right to change them in an objective necessity after their service.
The accommodation of the teams, as well as the food / breakfast, lunch, dinner / during the festival is provided in the town of Kiten, Park Hotel "Atliman Beach", category two stars.
It is allowed to accommodate other hotels of different category under other financial conditions. In this case the participation in the festival events takes place after paying a participation fee.
All participants in the festival receive diplomas and plaques.

/ for the participants in the competition nominations /

For those who rank first:

  • a special prize at the festival, an invitation to participate in other  festivals, a Laureate I degree and a participation certificate.

For the second and third place:

  • Laureate II and III degree, invitation to participate in other festivals stages and a participation certificate.

Special awards for:

  • the best-presented program;
  • best performance of contemporary music;
  • the best performance of folk music;
  • best conductor;
  • best soloist;
  • the best concert master;
  • best suit;
  • most attractive performance and more.


8 days / 7 nights:

  • - 25.08 – 01.09 - 160 €  

Fifty percent (50%) of the festival fee is paid by bank transfer or in cash at the offices of the organizer or his / her representatives within 15 days after confirmation of the participation.
Unpaid queries within the above deadlines are considered invalid / canceled.
The transportation costs to the hotel and vice versa are at the expense of the participants.
Upon accommodation in another hotel other than the one specified in the Regulation, a participation fee of EUR 10 per person is payable.
Every 21 paid a festival fee, one manager uses a free space



Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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