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XVI INTERNATIONAL Folk -Dance & Music Festival COTE D'AZUR

Application Form Price: 165 € Date: 2 - 6 October, 2022
Director: S.D. &WOFA
Application Deadline: 1 November, 2021
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

                               I N V I T A T I O N


    With pleasure we INVITE (folk ensembles, choral groups, orchestras,brass bands,majorette teams and modern dance groups),(children, youth and adult groups  ) to participate on  XVI International Folk – dance & music festival “"COTE D'AZUR"  02- 06 October, DIANO MARINA-SAN REMO-NICA ,ITALY - FRANCE 2022

  The intention of our invitation  and the Festival light motive is to present the cultural tradition of different countries and to provide an opportunity for the members of groups to get together, to establish friendships and culture presentation trough dance and music.The idea of the Festival is to bring the music closer to the people and to present the music on the streets and the squares.   

        The festival is open for folk and choir ensembles, as well as orchestras and majorettes regardless of the members gender and age. 

This festival is one of the best and the most numerous festivals held in Europe and the world. It is best because of the selected top ensembles from participant countries.

Due to extremely high interest of the folklore ensembles from all over the world.

All ensembles have four performances, defile in center of Diano Marina, performance on stage, performance in the center of Sanremo and performance on the world-renowned Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes.

Because of the great interest for participation on this prestigious festival, the organizer is forced to organize the festival in three terms – in total 45 ensembles in the spring; also 45 ensembles will be present on the festival in the autumn program of the festival.

All folklore ensembles from all countries of Europe and the world can apply for participation in this world festival without limit on age or number of the participants.

Terms for the autumn of 2022

From 22nd to 26th of September
From 27th of September to 1st of October
From 2nd to 6th of October



 1st day

Arrival of groups to Diano Marina and San Bartolomeo al Mare between 12 and 14h, trip to the hotel, trip to the stage where the festival will be held, rehearsal which is not mandatory, free time for sightseeing, dinner and trip back to the hotel for the night.

Organization board meeting will be held with the representatives from all the ensembles at 21h, with press conference, numerous journalists and TV Rai Uno report.

 2nd day

– After the breakfast at 9 o'clock, facultative trip and sightseeing of enchanting french cities of Nice, Èze, Monacco and Monte Carlo.

In afternoon hours there is a tour of a small, medieval town of Èze and tour of perfume factory Fragonard. After the tour we continue on the road to Nice, the greatest city and the pearl of Azure shore. After panoramic view of the city, trip through the Mason Square, we are going for a visit to the Palace of Justice and flower market.

After that there is a trip to Monacco and Monte Carlo. The principality of Monacco and Monte Carlo is located between the Alps and the Mediterranean. These are mythical places which offer both dreams and reality.

In the evening hours return to hotel.

 3rd day

– Breakfast from 7:30 to 9h,after which participants change into costumes.

At 10:30 is the departure for Sanremo and from 11:30 to 13h performance will be held with all the ensembles in the centre of pedestrian zone of Sanremo between famous Ariston and Casino-Sanremo.

At 13:30 we depart for Cannes.

From 14:30 to 16:30 there a performance will be held with all of the ensembles on the world-renowned Croisette in front of a large audience. After that return to the hotel, dinner and night.

 4th day

- After breakfast there will be time for preparation of all the ensembles for defile and main performance on stage in Diano Marina.

Defile starts at 15h in the center of Diano Marina, after which, at 16h, a performance will be held on beautiful stage which is right next to the sea. After the performances of all the ensembles there will be an award ceremony and party for all the participants of the festival.

   5th day

– Breakfast. Hotel departure. Individual departures of the groups.


THE PRICE OF THE WHOLE PACKAGE IS 165 € per participant for 4 HB 

Package includes:

 Lodgings in Diano Marina and San Bartolomeo al Mare (beautiful connected small towns) in 3* hotels in two-bed, three-bed and four-bed rooms with breakfast (Swedish table - smorgasbord buffet) and dinner

 Services of permanent group guide

 Festival participation

 Organizer services


Package DOES NOT include:

 Transport of the groups

 Parking for the buses (if and where it is needed).

 Check point for entry into Monacco and Monte Carlo

 Expenses of the international travel health insurance

 Individual passenger's expenses

 Extra payment for one-bed room

 Expenses linked to the use of local buses for participants of the festival which will arrive by plane


Festival propositions:

 All ensembles have to prepare three different programs in maximum duration of 12 minutes per program

 It is necessary to bring a flag from the country you came from and to display it during the performance on the visible spot designated by the organizers

 It is also necessary to bring a board with the name of the group and country from where the group comes from

 Participating groups have to send 5 or 6 photographs and a video clip of the group's performance

 Ensembles which don't have live music are required to bring for the performances in Sanremo, Cannes and the defile in Diano Marina loudspeaker player on batteries, so they can perform their choreographies on open air space

 Organizer holds the right to change some of the Festival General Conditions of which the participants will be informed in period of 24h.

 If you decide to participate in the festival, the organizer will send an official invitation Letter

-          Upon receiving the invitation letter you are obliged to, within 15 days of confirmation to pay the expense of the organizers in the ammount of 30% of the total sum

 Remaining 70% of the sum the participants will pay upon arrival at the hotel



Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

"We build bridges from nation to nation"