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International Culture & Art Festival JORDAN FEST

Application Form Price: 29 € Date: 17 - 22 September, 2023
Location: IRBID, Jordan
Director: K.A.& WOFA
Application Deadline: 2 October, 2022
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

  I N V I T A T I O N

    With pleasure we INVITE you ( youth and adults groups),(Folk ensembles,Choral groups,orchestras, brass bands,majorette teams, modern dance groups) to participate on XI International Culture & ART festival “ JORDAN FEST”   17 - 22 September , Irbid,Jordan 2023

  The intention of our invitation  and the Festival light motive is to present the cultural tradition of different countries and to provide an opportunity for the members of groups to get together, to establish friendships and culture presentation trough dance and music. 

  KINGDOM JORDAN - Jordan, an Arab nation on the east bank of the Jordan River, is defined by ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts. It’s home to the famed archaeological site of Petra, the Nabatean capital dating to around 300 B.C. Set in a narrow valley with tombs, temples and monuments carved into the surrounding pink sandstone cliffs, Petra earns its nickname, the "Rose City."


General rules :

- Every  group  has the right to participate.  Youth ensembles (2/3 of the participants must be 25 or younger), adult ensembles (1/3 of the participants must be older than 25).

- The groups will be accommodate in Delux youth hostels. Free accommodation and Free inter transportation with 3 meals per day.Only for registration each participant should pay 29 euro.

-      Each folklore group should  be not more 16 participants.

 -     Folklore groups participants should be not  less 16 ages and above.

-       group will have  4 performance daily in.15 minutes.

-       Certificate for each participant.

-       performances music play back (USB) 

-      Each participants should bring  towel for personal used.

-       Each group should be bring  three traditional gifts.

-       You must send us names and photo of participants.

-        Excursions will be organized visiting PETRA City, shoping  

-    You should send us arrival date ,and departure date too. 

-           is a non-competitive sample of traditional and modern dances and music performed by  groups.

-         The number of participants are limited (only 3  groups from each country),

-         Ensemble should have prepared at least 2 folk dances 15 minutes each on USB

-         To send us short CV and photos of the group,

-         To take a flag of the country,

-         Ensembles should have there own transport for arrival and departure,


Personal responsibility and health insurance are within the other obligations of the groups. First Aid and Medical Hospital will be available, medical services must be covered by the group.

 After Groups arrived in Hostel will be given detailed program of the festival and each group will have guide during festival.

    After the festival finish organizers will send you link from where you can take the photos of the festival.

   The festival will organize the transport for the groups coming by plane by picking them up from airport, during the festival days and back to the airport. 

By applying you confirm that you accept all festival conditionsAll detailed information  will be supply after your confirmation for participations.



Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

"We build bridges from nation to nation"