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Application Form Price: 100 € Date: 23 - 28 June, 2024
Location: DIDIM, Turkey
Director: I.A.G. & WOFA
Application Deadline: 15 June, 2024
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


We invite you on VII International Folklore Festival  in DIDIM - TURKEY from 23.06 - 28.06.2024

DİDİM – City of Light

ALTINKUM – In Didim which harbours some of the cleanest and virgin bays of the Agean Sea,Altınkum Beach holds a distinguished status. This beach of about one and a half kilometres  identifies with Didim, which identifies with the concept of holiday. Named after its golden sands, Altınkum is the precious necklace of the Agean. It is originally the source of tourism in Didim and stil, the heart of Didim and stil, the heart of Didim tourism beats there. In the 1950’s, due to the Foundations Recreational Facilities, which was the first touristic facility in the district, Altınkum was called the “Foundations Beach”. The same period saw the dawn of structuring in Didim, with Altınkum earning a central status and importance through all the recreational and shopping facilities and afterwards the hotels built in the area. Altınkum especially the Promenade Avenue closed to traffic, and the Dolphin Square, is the fixed address during the day for the sea-lovers and the admirers of the Aegean and at night for those who look for entertainment. Boats sail on daily tours to the nearby bays from the pier next to the beach. The pier itself is a very popular spot for fishing for both amateurs and Professional fishermen throughout the year. The sea welcomes all this in amplitude and nestles all the bodies coming out fort he sand and the sun. There are parks, cafes and beach clubs at the beach. Altınkum also offers a wide range of shopping opportunities and water sports for those who like.

BEACHES OF DIDIM – Didim has a coastel line of 55 kilometres, suitable for swimming at every single spot. These fascinating land embracing the Agean, with its unique climate and almost none humidity has always been an attraction for people tol ive in throughout the centuries. Frequenters of the Agean meet with the crystal clear waters in the dozens of bays of this coast full of secret beauties. Holiday in Didim is eqivalent to sand and sea.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Agean, Altınkum justifies its fame with its fine sand, cleanness, facilities, and the Blue Flag. Yet, Didim has many other beaches which deserve attention.

The Third Beach, which has gained reputation as much as Altınkum over the recent years due to the increasing interest, is the closest option within a walking distance from Altınkum. The Third Beach, also with a Blue Flag, is an exhilarating beach thanks to the gentle breeze. Suitable for all water sports, including sailing, jet-ski and ringo, The Third Beach also hosts a diving school. Another beach in Didim that ha become popular recently is Yeşilkent. It is especially preferred by families with children because of its shallow and calm waters and highly populated by the British. There are many jetties and pontoons in the area, apart from the three in front of the Railways Facilities, Yeşilkent and Gaye Housing Estates. The beaches of Yeşilkent, embellished with oleanders, are suitable also for water sport.

Fevzipaşa, once a modest coastel village, is now one of the most popular and biggest quarters of Didim. You can swim anywhere along the shore in Fevzipaşa, but the beach before the Uslu Housing Estate and the Fake Paradise Beach are two distinguished alternatives. The Fake Paradise Beach with Blue Flag is just like a corner of paradise enclosed by palm and olive trees.

The beach of Saplıada Island and Kumkent, which borders the districts of Fevzipaşa and Akbük, is the innermost part of the Mandalya Gulf where seasparkles dance and it holds a magnificent view with green Akbük on one side and Didim Peninsula on the other.

Didim’s oldest and most well-known housing estate is Mavişehir, which the district was named after. Mavişehir justifies its fame with its unrivalled location an unforgettable panorama. Mavişehir Beah is within a green-belt surrounded by many social facilities. Next to it, is Sedefkoy: a refreshing alternative with its light breeze and clear waters, especially on hot days. We have briefly covered the main bays and beaches in Didim. There are stil many more untouched, virgin bays which offer enchanting options to those who want to please the Explorer in their souls. Monastry Bay, Aquarium Bay, Pinegrove Beach and others stil await their admirers.

APOLLON TEMPLE – At the heart of Didim peninsula is the radiant temple, named after the god of light Apollo. According to mythology, God Apollo comes across the shepherdBranchus in Didyma and bestows him the power of prophecy. Branchus establishes the first shrine in the name of Apollo at the spot of sacred spring, which stil can be seen today. The Apollo Temple was administered for many years by the family of Branchidae, descendents of Branchos. The meaning of the word Miletos is “owner of the road leading to the temple”. The road in mention is the Sacred Road, lined on both sides with statues, leading from the Panarmos

Harbour (present Mavişehir) to the Temple of Apollo. Didim appeared on the history scene as one of the temple cities (sacred city) of Miletos. In the course of time, and especially after the 6th century BC Apollo Temple became worldwide renowned as an oracle. Though it was repeatedly destroyed through wars and natural disasters, Milesians of a magnificent civilisation and later on each and every civilisation established on these lands rebuilt the temple in accordance with their own beliefs. However, the construction of Apollo Temple was never completely finished

 The Main Purpose of The Festival is to bring different cultures closer, through dances, music and interesting national costumes. The Participants will have a possibility to meet new people, make new friendship relationships and also see the beauties of our town Didim.

The idea of the festival is to develop new forms of communication in theinternational dialogue and international cooperation in the future.


 The number of dancers is no limited

 (per person, hotel, breakfast and dinner open buffet 1 Day 25 euro);

- for 4 HB  ( 2  meals per day) it is 100 euro per person,

- 5 HB is 125 euro per person,

- 6 HB is 150 euro per person

 (2 participants free – including drivers )

 The age of the participants is age limit +14

 Groups should have prepared performance 5-10 minutes each on playback or with instruments.

 To bring a flag of the country, and also to send some pictures of the group  

 Groups should arrive and also departure with their own transport which they will 

use it until the festival ends.

 Free parking during the festival time.

 Provided appropriate gifts for the participants.

 Diplomas for participation in the Festival.

 Guider from arrival to departure.

 Protocol Visits (Governer, Mayor, Chamber of Commerce president) 

 After the festival finishes,  will send you a DVD of the festival program for each group and photos.


- The Accommodation is in rooms with 2-3-4 beds, each with its own bathroom, 

(Meryem Ana Hotel is located at 400 meters from Altınkum Beach.) 300 

meters from Altınkum Beach.) and located at 150 meters from Altınkum Beach and


Personal responsibility and health insurance are within the other obligations of 

the groups. First aid and Medical Hospital will be available, medical services must be 

covered by the group.



Reviews from the groups:

This festival has review of 7 groups and average estimation is VERY GOOD - 8,6/10
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

"We build bridges from nation to nation"