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ХІІ International Children and Youth Festival of Dancing and Singing „Let’s unite children with Art”

Application Form Price: 100 € Date: 30 - 3 May, 2021
Location: Kropyvnytskii, Ukraine
Director: WOFA
Application Deadline: 30 October, 2020
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


                      I N V I T A T I O N

With pleasure we INVITE you (folk groups, Choral groups,solo,,dance groups, majorette teams), (children, youth and adults groups) to participate on ХІІ International Children and Youth Festival  of Dancing and Singing „Let’s unite children with Art”

Objectives of the festival:


-         Implementingyouthpolicysupportofgiftedartisticchildrenandyouth;


-         Organizing children’s, youth’s and cultural leisure time;


-         Establishing friendly and artistic ties with international children’s groups;


-         Meeting the best artistic groups, exchanging experience with countries -participants of the festival;


-         Advancing professional skills and qualification of leaders, pedagogues, art groups and performers;


-         Facilitating cultural growth of the citizens;


-         Furtherdevelopmentofchoreographicskills, traditionalfolkculture.




Participation procedure:


1.            Festivalparticipationisallowedtoprofessionalandamateurchoreographicandsinginggroups, whichsendanapplicationandreceiveofficialinvitation. Officialinvitationguaranteesyourparticipationinthefestival. Age of participants: choreographyfrom 5 to 25 y.o.; singing - from 6 to 25 y.o.


2.            The Opening of the festival 01/05/2020 – on the stage in the main square of the city – openair. Открытиефестиваля01/05/2020 наглавнойплощадигорода


3.            Competition. Singingcontestheldon 02/05/2020; Choreographyheldon 2/05/2020  Конкурс фестиваля 2/05/2020 (Хореография в Обласной филармонии – зеркало сцены 10х12)


4.            Participation in the general parade of the groups on 3/05/2020 (singing and choreographic groups and bands in costumes) – compulsory participation.


5.            Participation in Flesh mob -  setting Record of Ukraine on3/05/2020, every group must learn a set of moves from the video, sent before April 15 – participation of all age groups is compulsory, parents are also welcome to take part. Постановка нового Рекорда Украины 3/05/2020


6.            Jam of dance groups on 3/05/2020. VenueHeroi Maidanu Square. Entrances (random) of groups, pairs, solo performers to different dancing music. There are videos of previous years on-line. Джемтанцевальных коллективов 03/05/2020


7.            Gala-concertandrewardingon3/05/2020at 16.00 in Kropyvnytskii Oblast Philharmonic. Гала -концерт фестиваля и награждение 3/05/2020


8.            Экскурсия в Софиевский парк (г. Умань) или Экскурсия в Киев – по желанию. Транспортныерасходызасчетколлетива
Excursion to Uman or Kiev (transportation coast by group)






Toensurefulljudgingobjectiveness, all groups and participants register at the corresponding number and take part in the competition by the number being announced, without mentioning the name of the group, art director or city.




Choreography (solo, ensemble, group)


It is compulsory to present 2 performances from one age group in the selected nomination.


Nomination: Folk-stage dance (folk-styled dance)  НародныйтанецилиНароднаястилизация


Nomination: Variety choreography Эстраднаяхореография


Nomination: Ball-room dance (only groups and ensembles) Бальный танец


Nomination: Modernchoreography (modern, contemporary, hip-hop, break-dance, jazz, etc.) Современная хореография


Nomination: Free dance category (use of calysthenics elements, mixofdancestylesareallowedetc.) Свободная танцевальная категория (смешение стилей и возрастов)


Agegroups: І category  – 5-6 years, ІІ category – 7-9 years,  ІІІ category – 10 – 13 years, ІVcategory – 14 – 17 years, adults 18+ , mixed age group.






Singing  (solo, duets, ensembles, groups)


Participants present 2 songs in the selected nomination


Nomination: Folk song


Nomination: Pop song


Age groups:І – up to 9 y.o.; ІІ – 10-14 y.o., ІІІ – 15-18 y.o., Adults 19+


No phonograms are allowed «+»!


(Registration of singing participants with Birth Certificate, those above 16 + passport)


Main criteria of the competition item:


Preparationlevelofparticipants, stageculturecomplexityoftherepertoire,  performingskills, howtheselectedtopicalitycorrespondswiththeageofparticipants, artistic skills, disclosure of creative idea, scenic image and costumes.


The jury of choreography competition do not know, what group is performing on stage, they evaluate the staging, and grade every item.


Every group applies to no more than 3 nominations and age groups.




Program of Gala-concert is set by the producers. The program is final and is beyond negotiation. 




6.Phonograms: storage devices (Files with phonograms, phonograms signed by the name of the item and the name of the group. E.g.: Funny Clowns – Stars, In the yard – Stars).


*Time limit for every item for all nominations – 4 minutes. Technical committee has the right to switch off the phonogram after 4 min at 4.01!


At Gala-concert groups are expected to show shortened version of 1 item up to 1.30 min (it is possible to present shortened performances). 


7. Rewarding


7.1. Jury decides on Gran-Prix of the festival (singing, choreography) in every nomination - 1, 2, 3 places and diploma-awardees, who get diplomas and cups.   


7.2. Bythejurysrecommendationthebestgroupsandindividualperformerswillbeawardedspecial (discount) invitationsto International Festivals.


7.3. BytheresultsofthefestivalinChoreographynominationthereisaspecialawardfordirector-choreographers: “Symbol of Professionalism”.


7.4. Theresultsofthecompetition-festivalandthejurydecisionsarebeyonddispute. Jury protocols can be checked after the competition is completed.  


7.5. Bytheresultsofthecompetitionandthejuryevaluationextraornoawardscanbegiven:


8. Application forms for participation must be sent:


·        Preliminary application before 01.03.2020


·        Final Application before 01.04.2020


Applicationshouldbefollowed (inaccordancewiththeattachment) withshortbiographicalnoteofthegrouphistory. Theapplicationistobesentforthee-mailaddress:


Applications are accepted by April 1, 2020.


Contact phone number +380667929444 (Oleksandra Tkachenko) and +380667929241 (Maryna Bairamova).


9. Participating groups from other cities are recommended to have their own means of transport for their convenience.


10. Last-year festival winners (Grand Prix) can take part in the festival, but in a different nomination or age group. In case they apply to the same nomination, in which Grand prix was awarded, the application is registered, but the contestant will not get higher than the First Place.


11. Allexpensesandorganizationalmeasuresonpreparationandconducting International Children and Youth Festival of Dancing and Singing “Joining Children with Art” are held in accordance with Provisions on “Conducting 12thInternationalChildrenandYouthFestivalofDancingandSingingJoiningChildrenwithArt, financial statement of 11th International Children and Youth Festival of Dancing and Singing “Joining Children with Art», work outline on conducting11th International Children and Youth Festival of Dancing and Singing “Joining Children with Art “


12. Groups – prize winners are awarded with diplomas and cups.


13.Financial terms for participants:






Accommodationand boarding


Hotels + meals 1-2-3/05/2020


1/05  started from lunch and dinner


2-3/05 full meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


04/05  breakfast


  100 evro


 We can discuss to make  a cultural change between our groups


If you want it can be like that:


Your group come and live I families of our group, the lieders and director of your group will live in the hotel. So, you will not pay for your accommodation and boarding


We can go by your bus to Kiev or Odessa or Uman and make an excursion free


From our city 330 km to Odessa and Kiev too.



Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

"We build bridges from nation to nation"