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XIV International Folk-Dance & Music Festival in BELGRADE

Application Form Price: 109 € Date: 23 - 26 March, 2025
Location: BELGRADE, Serbia
Director: L.M.S. & WOFA
Application Deadline: 15 July, 2024
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

                                                                       I N V I T A T I O N

 With pleasure We INVITE you (folk ensembles, modern dance groups, Choral groups, orchestras, brass bands, majorette teams), (children, youth and adults groups) to participate on  XI International  Music & Folk - Dance festival in BELGRADE 23 - 26 March , Belgrade, Serbia 2025

    General festival conditions:

  • Festival accepts participation of choirs, singing groups, orchestras, folk groups, which would accept conditions for participation  
  • Number and age of persons in the group are not limited and in the number are included ALL PERSONS in the group, such as: singers, musicians, dancers, leaders, accompanying persons in the group, parents of children who are participating in program and bus drivers
  • Program which group would present is at free choice and duration will be max 15 min, according of Festival’s program. The ensemble is obliged to regulate mutual copyrights with authors. The ensemble is obliged to participate in some humanitarian events during festival days, with program no longer than 30 min
  • Radio and TV stations, will transmit some parts of Festival’s program, without reimbursement to participants   
  • All groups have to organize at their cost transportation for arrival to Festival and also their return, as well as during stay at Festival. In the case that groups are coming by airplane, it is possible to organize bus transfers at the cost of the group

Participation fee:

3*** Hotel - 3 nights 

  • 109 Euro per person - 3HB – 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) accommodation in triple room. 
  • 116 Euro per person - 3HB – 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) accommodation in double room. 

4**** Hotel - 3 nights

  • 144 Euro per person - 3HB – 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) accommodation in double rooms. 

Each 26th person is free (25+1).  

During free time, we can offer the following: sightseeing of Belgrade, with official tourist guide speaking Your language, visit to museums in Belgrade, excursion to Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci with visit to museums, winery and lunch, also with tourist guide. If You would be interested let us know and we shall inform You about price.

All groups which would like to participate at Festival has to deliver the filed application form, three photos of the group, list of participants not later than 25 February


23 March – Thursday: Arrival of groups at the hotel in the afternoon and accomodation

24 March – Friday: In the morning some groups will have a presentation on national TV station for up to 3 minutes. You need to have recorded music The group liders will have reception with the Mayor where gifts will be exchanged.  Some groups will have charity concert at a nursing home for 15 minutes. The rest of the day is free.

25 March – Saturday: In the morning sightseeing of Belgrade with a tourist guide. At 7 O’clock Gala concert of the festival. Each group presents itself with a 15/20 minute program. After a concert party at the hotel.

26 March – Sunday: Groups staying at the Festival for three days leave the hotel after breakfast. Groups that stay on the fourth day go on a trip  to Novi Sad and Sremske Karlovce . in the evening there are farewell parties in the hotel.

27 March – Monday: Departures of all groups from the Festival

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.

Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment. As a next step: 30 Euro per person to the organizing committee not later 25 February 




NEWS ABOUT THE FESTIVAL                                   Published on 05 April 2019


International spring folklore festival in Belgrade gave the opportunity to more than 450 dancers, musicians and singers of all ages to present their folklore traditions in an intriguing way. The event took place from 29 March to 31 March, and 8 foreign groups from Greece, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia took part in it. Local ensembles also participated.

The International Festival ended with great success as the participants met with different cultures and peoples, established new friendships and showed to the audience their rich musical and dance variety.                             


Reviews from the groups: 

This festival has review of 4 groups and average estimation is VERY GOOD - 8,9/10
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

"We build bridges from nation to nation"