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Application Form Price: 95 € -5% Date: 10 - 13 June, 2021
Location: Cirkvenica-Rijeka-Opatija, Croatia
Director: Zoran Strezovski and WOFA
Application Deadline: 30 October, 2020
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


                                    I N V I T A T I O N

    With pleasure we INVITE you (Folk ensembles, Choral groups,Brass bands, orchestras, modern dance group, majorette teams), (children, youth and adults groups) to participate on  XI International  music & Folk - dance festival “KVARNER FEST” from 10 – 13 June 2021,  Cirkvenica, Rijeka, Opatija, CROATIA 2020

    The Festival light motive is to present the cultural tradition of different countries and to provide an opportunity for the members of groups to get together, to establish friendships and culture presentation trough dance and music.

Kvarner - is a region of varied diverse stories and strong emotions. It is an ecologically unpolluted area, rich in cultural and historical heritage, with brilliant tourist programmes and opportunities for active holidays. So close and yet so different from your daily routine.

Kvarner is an inestimable a priceless combination of the sea, islands and highlands in an exceptionally small space. In just one day you can sail by yacht or bathe in the sea and then enjoy in the shadow of the near-by woods in the hinterland. In winter you can ski with a view of the sea and then enjoy, just a few kilometres away, in a salt-water swimming pool, in relaxing wellness treatments or in long walks by the sea.

Developed promenades and fragrant gardens, centennial parks and top-quality health services are all in aid the function of the restoration of health and energy restoring and to the reawakening of the joy of living.

But this region is also the best scenario for your active holidays or for successful business meetings. Let Abandon yourself go into gastronomic enjoyments delights. Enjoy yourself participating in the numerous manifestations, cultural events and festivals, visit the sanctuaries. Learn how to write in the Old-Croatian Glagolitic script, become an expert in the preparation of Mediterranean dishes, or enjoy enjoy in traditional events.

Cirkvenica - is In addition to beautiful natural surroundings, crystal clear seas and fresh air, and traditionally hospitable people, one of the main reasons for choosing Crikvenica for your holidays is the area's balmy, stable and healthy Mediterranean climate and microclimate. The winters here are mild, the summers are warm yet not too hot – the ideal conditions for the development of health tourism here more than one century ago. The area's long, sand and pebble beaches, with numerous play areas for children, are all connected by a footpath through its lush Mediterranean vegetation. On offer here are plenty of opportunities to sunbathe, swim, walk, cycle or enjoy recreational sports. Crikvenica's tourism offer reflects the valuable historical and cultural heritage of the local area. This includes events such as the traditional Fishermen's Week (one of the oldest festivals in Crikvenica), the Aquarium, filled with more than 150 species of fish, the ever-popular Love Path, the Crikvenica Town Museum, and a fine variety of galleries. The area's extensive sporting, entertainment, cultural and gastronomic programmes, and its unique mingling of sun, fine air, scents of the sea and of pine trees, make Crikvenica a destination that appeals to all the senses, the perfect venue for a relaxing holiday that will surely become part of your most treasured holiday memories.

More visit:

Festival evening will be in the square of the city.


                                             Program Proposal


  After 14.00.Arrivalin Cirkvenica,  hotel accommodation,(sunbathing and swimming in the sea)

19.00 – 21.00 Dinner in hotel and free time

21.00. Welcome reception  with leaders of the groups with welcome drinks



 08.00 -10.30 Breakfast,

 10.00 – 16.00 Beach time or Boat trip departure to Crikvenica and embarkation on the boat at 10 am, sail till Vrbnik, visit old city of Vrbnik, a charming seafront town situated on a cliff from which there are beautiful views of the sea, the Velebit Channel, and the Velebit Mountain on the mainland. Vrbnik is well known for one of the most famous Croatian wines – VrbnickaZlahtina. Return to Crikvenica about 2 pm and drive to Kraljevica with an own bus (optional) or free beach time

          18.00 – 19.00. Dinner in hotel

       19.30 – 23.00 Festival parade and festival evening on the square


   12.06 Saturday 

    08.00 -10.00 Breakfast,

    10.00 – 16.00 Beach time or Boat trip (Trip to Cave Biserujka ( then continue to drive along Malinska and Njivice, arrival to the island capital – town Krk. Guided tour of the town after which the drive continues to Punat, followed by a boat ride to island Košljun (7 Euro per person) and a visit to the Franciscan monastery. An expert tour of the monastery and the Franciscan museum. In the afternoon optional drive to Baska. Possible to visit sea aquarium, 5 Euro entrance fee. Return to hotel. (optional) or Visiting Rijeka (optional), or Opatija (optional)

   19.00 – 21. 00  Dinner in hotel

    21.00 – 00.00 Closing Ceremony of the festival – organizers wil give certificates and presents to the leaders of the groups, than  exchange presents, and after that disco party with all participants,



   09.00 Breakfast

11.00 Departure of the participants


OPTIONAL – If you stay more days…

13.06 Sunday   

09.00 -10.00 Breakfast, (open buffet in hotel Loza)

11.00 – 16.00 Beach time or Visiting Rijeka (optional), or Opatija (optional)  

19.00 – 20.00 Dinner in hotel (open buffet)

21.00. – 00.00 Free time or Discotheque (optional)


14.06. Monday

08.00 – 09.00 Breakfast,

11.00 Departure of participants


General rules :

-         is a non-competitive sample of traditional and modern dances, choral groups Brass bands, orchestras, modern dance group, majorette teams..

-         Every Folklore, Choral group and majorette Teams has the right to participate. Children's ensembles  (2/3 of the participants must be 16 or younger), Youth ensembles (2/3 of the participants must be 25 or younger), adult ensembles (1/3 of the participants must be older than 25).On the festival may participate folklore dance groups, modern dance groups, vocal groups, instrumental groups and soloists, as well as groups and performers from other art styles. . 

-         The number of participants are limited (only 3  groups from each country),

-         Each group should consist of most 50 members including dancers, managers and musicians,

-         Ensemble should have prepared program, 10-12 minutes each with orchestra or CD.

-         To send us short CV and 2 – 3 photos of the group,

-         To take a flag of the country,

-         Ensembles  should have their own transport for arrival and departure,


Participation fee is

-          95 Euro for 3 half board ( breakfast and dinner – open buffet) per person

-         123 Euro for 4 half board ( breakfast and dinner – open buffet) per person

       It covers hotel accommodation 3 or 4  nights with 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) in hotels located on the sea in triple and quadruple rooms in Tourist setlement in Kacijak or Uvala Scot in Kralevica - tourist settlement on the beach..

      For the leaders and drivers will be provide 2/2 rooms…additional double   

      rooms are additional 5 euro per person per day…single room 15 euro per 

        person per day..   

           Facultative excursions are not include in the price

   You can see some moments from the festival in Crikvenica on folowing link:


Festival organizers provide:

-         for 25 dancers – one gratis,

-         Certificate for attendance,

-         souvenir and gift for each group,

-         drinks during the performance,

-         discotheque

-         Free parking

-    advertising of the festival (press release, social media promotion, posters and flayers).


Personal responsibility and health insurance are within the other obligations of the groups. First Aid and Medical Hospital will be available, medical services must be covered by the group

On your request,  You can continue your stay in Crikvenica. Price will be 29 Euro per day per person HB – price is special for the participants in festivals that we can provide.

After Groups arrived in Hotel will be given detailed program of the festival  After the festival finish organizers will send you link from the festival from where you can take photos and videos from the festival.

  The festival will organize the transport for the groups coming by plane by Zagreb airport or Rijeka airport and  picking them up from airport, during the festival days and back to airport. The cost of the transportation will be covered by the group and will be additionally agreed according to their number. Payment can be done on several parts.

All detailed information  will be supply after your confirmation for participations.

In 2018 were participate 12 ensembles with 478 participants from 12 different countries from EU.

 In 2019 were participate 10 ensembles with 430 participants from 12 different countries from EU.





NEWS ABOUT FESTIVAL                                             Published on 15 June 2019


From 9 to 13 June, 2019 in the town of Crikvenica (Croatia) was held the VI International Folklore and Dance Festival "CRIKVENICA FESTIVAL DAYS". Folklore event was attended by more than 300 musicians, singers and dancers from Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Poland. 

Festival evening on the main square in the town of Crikvenica was held on June 10 when the director of the festival welcomed participants. All the groups received certificates and gifts for successful presentation at Croatian stage. 


On June 11 a party for all the participants was organized. During the festival days, performers had the opportunity to visit the town of Rijeka, the town of Opatija, the Plitvice lakes and also enjoyed the warm sea.




Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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