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VI Festival Internacional Venezuela es Danza 2016

Application Form Date: 4 - 12 December, 2016
Location: Barinas, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Director: WOFA
Application Deadline: 15 July, 2020
Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


Arriving with pride the sixth meeting of the Party, we conclude that dance is the magic of the World, and taking place in the beautiful municipality of Pedro Manuel Rojas, Barinas-Venezuela State and this year giving homage to the Land of Culture of the World, to demonstrate the Union of an art and a passion and show we are true dance lovers who danced and create with the Soul.

The Festival will start from December 4 with the arrival of the State Barinas groups, either the bus terminal of Barinas State or National Airport Barinas " Luisa Casare de Arismendi " The Festival closing on December 12. groups taking either the bus terminal of Barinas or National Airport.


1) The International Dance Festival is Venezuela, announces Traditional Folk genre pieces.

2) The Festival, participation requires the minimum amount of one (01) Couple or maximum fifteen (15) Interpreters.

3) The proposal must be Choreographic own representation of the culture and traditions of their people in their country.

4) The choreographic works should have a minimum duration (05) minutes and a maximum of ten (10) minutes.

5) The group must have a maximum of 4 choreographic pieces (DANCES).



6) The festival organization only guarantees lodging, food, certificate of participation interpreter, gifts and sightseeing the, this is for the amount of people citing the invitation in your letter.

7) The Festival plans to release 03 daily activities divided into the morning shift Presentation Educational Institutions, Afternoon Workshops on their cultures to the Community, and the Presentation Night for the Community. All this will take place in 5 Parishes of the Municipality of Pedro Manuel Rojas.

8) They must have appropriate clothing and be prepared provide for the to its Traditional Dance workshops.

9) Members Countries should be prepared to give workshops to submit dancistic manifestations and each class should last at least 1:30.


10) Send via email two photos with Folkloric costume of People will come and send Commitment Letter Indicating the number people and occupation. All this has to be sent before JUNE 30 2016, from such filling requirements were made forwarding your Personalized Invitation.

11) Each delegation must bring gifts 15 representative the country. 02 flags representing your country, bring research work of each demonstration with his music included, where you will be archived, they should bring a major gift to the President of the Festival.

12) Institutional wet seal should have to conform documents such as certificate of workshops given by yourselves regarding their traditions.

13) The Participant is required registration of $ 100 dollars, to be delivered personally at the moment of arrival in the country Venezuela. They will be received by the Festival organizer.


Groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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